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Audio recordings

Just be: a beautiful quote inspired me this week

“Give yourself permission to take time to breathe, to live life, to give, to love, to reflect, to be present and just be”

Again, a range of offerings depending upon how you are feeling:

If you have more energy, try the energising practice..

If you need to slow down and unwind, try the relaxing practice, which is floor-based postures.

If you need to be still, try the guided relaxation.

If you want more, try all three practices together :-)

They are all lovely short practices so you can hopefully find the time to fit one or two in during the week. Take care and enjoy.


Energising – just be


Relaxing – just be


Guided relaxation



Contributions for classes
Below is an option to make a contribution for the classes but if you have been financially impacted by Covid-19 or are not in a position to make a contribution, please enjoy the classes anyway and let me know what you think.

Audio yoga classes

Energising, Relaxing & Guided Relaxation


Watch out for more classes coming next week.

Tips for practicing at home with an audio class

  • Find a quiet space in your house and grab a mat and any other props you may want (a cushion and/or blanket & a strap/belt)
  • As it’s audio, you can’t rely on looking at what the teacher is doing :-) so if you’re unsure of any instructions come to mountain pose or a comfortable seated position.
  • Audio classes are a great opportunity to go inwards as there are no visual cues to follow.
  • Move away from how a pose looks and get in tune with how it feels – if it doesn’t feel good, back off and if you need more, go deeper.
  • ENJOY…



Please let me know if these work for you and any requests/feedback, drop me a line or 07380 443 535